Company Information
What are your business hours?
The following are our hours of operation by department: Billing / Customer Service - 9AM - 5PM PST Monday through Friday, Sales - 8AM - 6PM PST Monday through Friday, Technical Support - 24 x 7 x 365.

How may I contact you?
For sales, billing, customer service, and support you can reach us by e-mailing the respective departments:,, and

Do you have emergency 'off-hours' phone numbers?
No, at this time, we do not provide phone support to our clients. All support is provided via the ticketing system, or e-mail based requests. Services
What if I want to upgrade my account?
Nu-Age Enterprises tries to accommodate our clients as much as possible. Upgrades are available to be made on your shared hosting by upgrading to the largest possible plans available on the website.

Adult Content & IRC
Can I host adult content?
Legal Adult Content is acceptable.

Can I host IRC Services?
No, IRC, egg drops, bots, etc. are not allowed on our Network.

Control Panel & Operating Systems
What Operating System do you install?
We currently are utilizing CentOS 4.7 as our operating system. We only offer Linux OS in conjunction with cPanel for a control panel.

Does my service get a control panel?
Yes, each shared hosting account receives cPanel for a control panel.

What is cPanel?
cPanel is a third party control panel that has been a leader on Linux server platforms. You can learn more about cPanel here.

Network & Data Center
What is your uptime guarantee?
We offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee, excluding any scheduled maintenance.

Does my service have it's own IP addresses?
We use name based accounts for all our Virtual accounts. Unique IPs can be purchased at a rate of $1 per IP, per month.

Orders and Billing
When are orders received?
Orders are received via our online order form 24 X 7 X 365. After a routine security check of the account signup, you will automatically receive your account login information. Any account signup that cannot be verified by our automation system, will be processed manually only after contact is made to our billing department by e-mailing The billing department will process these requests during normal business hours 9AM - 5PM EST Monday - Friday.

How fast are accounts setup?
Accounts are setup immediately, providing our security audit deems the account to be verifiable. Any account signup that cannot be verified by our automation system, will be processed manually only after contact is made to our billing department by e-mailing The billing department will process these requests during normal business hours 9AM - 5PM EST Monday - Friday.

When do you charge for services?
Services are charged immediately upon signup, and on a monthly basis, thereafter.

When do you charge for additional services?
We will charge your CC, or await your PayPal payment prior to initiating your requested service. All services must be paid in advance for its respective setup and first month's fees, along with any licensing fees. We bill the Credit Card, or PayPal payment immediately upon receipt, and then once approved, begin to fulfill the order.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

How is extra bandwidth billed?
Bandwidth utilized over the allotted amount per your contract, is billed at $2.00 per GB over your contracted amount of Bandwidth.

How do I cancel services?
To cancel any services, you must e-mail with your main IP, domain name, current root password, and last 4 digits of the credit card number on file. Cancellation requests must be made 30 days in advance of your cancellation date request. Any monthly fees paid up until that point will not be refunded, and any recurring invoicing within the next 30 days for that service will incur it's normal monthly fees.

Our Policies
May I view your Terms of Service?
You can view all of Nu-Age Enterprises's policies on our Terms of Service page.

What if my site breaks your "acceptable usage policies"?
Please read the AUP in the link above for all violations of the AUP.

Do you have a Service Level Agreement?
Yes, the SLA is available during the ordering process, your order will not be processed until you have read the SLA and click the check box verifying that you agree and have read all terms.

Technical Support
How is my site monitored?
Our security and administrative teams are monitoring our servers from various worldwide locations in 5-minute intervals. At the first sign of a downed server or service, the server is automatically logged into, and begun to diagnose the problem.

What if my service gets hacked or attacked?
We can perform a number of options for you based upon the severity of the situation. Hacked services are usually the result of utilizing a word for root password, which can be found in the dictionary, or an insecure software version being utilized. We recommend that you use a combination of letters, lower case and capital, numbers, and symbols, in no specific order. If your site or service is hacked, contact our technical staff immediately, so that we can assist. Please remember, Nu-Age Enterprises is not responsible for the content of your service, we provide multiple backup solutions both on and offsite, however we must enforce that you keep a minimum of weekly backups and all relative database information in the event that all services fail at the same time.

What if the hardware fails?
Hardware failure is an unfortunate occurrence which we try and provide as much safety and security as possible. It is however enforced that all clients maintain recent copies, within at least one (1) week in the event that both onsite and offsite backups fail. Nu-Age Enterprises will begin immediate restoration of any and all files that we have available to us, however, ultimately, it is your responsibility to maintain proper backups.

What type of support do you offer?
Nu-Age Enterprises offers 24/7 support via email and an online support system at

What is your average response time to a ticket?
Tickets are replied to as quickly as possible. Normal turnaround time on a ticket is 30 minutes or less. Some problems take longer than others to resolve, and at peak time, we may receive multiple messages at once, so response times may vary. However, all support tickets will be answered within a 24-hour period.

What about software upgrades?
cPanel comes installed to automatically update your software packages.

Do you offer phone support?
Nu-Age Enterprises does not currently offer phone support for customers.

What is your service charge for support not covered through normal means?
What is your service charge for support not covered through normal means? Additional support not covered through normal means will incur an $85.00 an hour Tech fee billed in 30-minute increments.

Will I be notified before being billed for a support request?
Yes, if you request additional services, the services will not be performed until you verify that you agree to the payment terms expressed above.

Where can I learn how to use the features included with my account?
There are video tutorials and a getting started wizard available to help you familiarize yourself with the features of cPanel, included in your cPanel.